2010 NFL Playoffs Conference Championship Round 3 Schedule

kingsanchezAfter a Wild Card Round that featured some blowouts, the Divisional Round of the 2010 NFL playoffs saw three more winning teams embarrassingly destroy their opposition… and one of them running up the score. Weren’t we complaining about too much parity just last season? At least we know these final 4 teams truly deserve to be here.

The two teams everyone thought would play in the NFC Championship game… are playing in the NFC Championship game. To quote a former NFL coach: “They are who we thought they were.” It’s rare that the #1 and #2 seeds in the NFC play each other in the final round before the Superbowl, but we’ll see it this season.

The same was thought in the AFC, that the Colts and Chargers would be facing each other for a chance to get to Superbowl XLIV, but San Diego blew it once again. Instead we have a rookie QB and head coach leading the Jets to Indianapolis to fight for their lives to play another day.

This week, in what has become a rarity, there are only Sunday match-ups. The games this weekend are scheduled as follows:

AFC Championship Game
New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts – 3:30pm EST (CBS)

NFC Championship Game
Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints – 6:40pm EST (FOX)

Only three more meaningful games left on this year’s schedule. That’s right, I didn’t include the Pro Bowl… in which the best players will probably opt out of anyway. It’s time for the stingy defenses to get even stingier. I think we’re all going to be surprised at the final scores this weekend.

Make sure you check in on Tuesday to enter the final round of our playoff pick’em! Two rounds are already in the books and this time, you only have to pick the conference championship games and the Superbowl winner.

Enjoy it now boys, football is going on vacation soon.