Could Pants On The Ground Be The Ting Tings Next Hit?

the-ting-tingsWho would have guessed this year’s William Hung would be a 62 year old black man from Atlanta. Last Wednesday Larry Platt rocked the mic on American Idol with his original song “Pants on The Ground”.

Larry’s social commentary on baggy jeans is gaining traction and becoming an internet hit. I am thinking Larry just might not be the right performer for this song. Could making the band star Mia Carruthers bang out a nice acoustic version of this instant rap classic?

I am wondering if Larry’s song will actually convince gang bangers to pull up their pants? Who knows? I am hoping it will. If this song saves me from seeing just one pair of crap stained underwear, Larry thank you.

Unfortunately Larry will not be on Season 9 of American Idol but as Simon said “he gets the feeling that is not that last we will see of Larry. I am guessing we will see a full blown production number of this song during the Idol finals. Maybe he could preform with The Ting Tings. I think the trippy pop duo are a perfect fit for Larry.

The Ting Tings could use a third member. Power trios are cool. Think of Cream, RUSH and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. The White Stripes on acid thing The Ting Tings do is old. If The Ting Tings want to bring it to the next level, Larry Platt is the answer. Come on Ting Tings get your pants off the ground.