How Old Is Madonna ‘Cuz She Is Still Smoking Hot.

Madonna- 8If anyone caught Madonna on the benefit from Haiti last night the big question would be “how does she continue to look so good”. The 51 year old might have a Dorian Gray thing going on. Is there a painting somewhere of her from her Material Girl era protected by glass and lasers?

Every once in a while the press will release an unflattering picture of her saying her arms are too thin or too muscular. And then there is the the photo of Madonna out for a run with no makeup on that pops up here and there. If people took picture of any of us for 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 30 years, a few unflattering pictures may arise.

Even shot in HD last night with extreme close ups Madonna Louise Ciccone still looks great. Not only did she look great but she can still pipe. The woman can sing her ass off. By the way her ass looked great also. If there was a MILF Hall of Fame she would be voted in immediately.

Maybe it is the Brazilian 22-year-old boyfriend that is keeping her young? That fountain of youth has kept Heff alive, why can’t it keep Madonna young? If it is the secret to the fountain of youth; someone please get Bruce Springsteen and Sting a couple of 19 year old cheerleader stat.