NFL: AFC and NFC Championship Games are Already Available on DVD

nflcg-dvd-largeAre you ready to watch Petyon Manning and the Indianapolis Colts hold off the stingy defense of the New York Jets again? How about a replay of Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings thoroughly outplaying the New Orleans Saints, only to ultimately fumble a Superbowl XLIV appearance away? Well, you can already. Both Conference Championship Games are available for purchase RIGHT NOW!

Warner Bros and the NFL have announced that both the NFC and AFC Championships are now available to own on DVD exclusively at and The DVDs are made to order using a state-of-the-art replication process that allows for immediate delivery. Saints, Colts and NFL fans can now relive the memories and add these historic games to their collections immediately.

Again, these DVDs are only available online for the price of $14.95 each or $26.95 for the pair. The games are in DVD format only, not Blu-ray. Delivery takes about a week, so if you order now, you’ll get them in plenty of time to give them a few spins to get you revved up for the Superbowl. The best part is that all of the commercials and halftime shows have been completely edited out… all you get is the football in its purest form!

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