2009/2010 NFL Pro Bowl Player Interview Quotes

pro-bowl-logoThe following are some quotes from various AFC and NFC Pro Bowl players during the first media day of the week on Wednesday January 27th:



On the University of Miami representation at the 2010 Pro Bowl
“It’s good. It’s like a family reunion being in the Pro Bowl. We’ve got a lot of players that made the Pro Bowl. Everybody knows how good the organization is at (the University of) Miami.”

On playing in the Pro Bowl in his hometown
“It’s very special. (After) not playing in front of my high school family and my college family in five years, now I get a chance to play in a Pro Bowl in Miami, and I’m happy about that.”


On his reaction to the Cowboys’ acquisition of WR Roy Williams last season
“I don’t really know how I felt at the time. It was one of those where you never know what the organization is thinking about anything. That being said, you still have to go in and do your work, work hard and continue to do what you’re doing. That’s what I tried to do, and thankfully, it got me (to the 2010 Pro Bowl).”

On if the acquisition of Williams inspired him to work harder this season
“Not really. It didn’t make me work any harder. I always worked on the same level. I was obviously aware of what was going on, but they just told me, ‘Hey, you’ve got to keep sticking with it and doing what you’re doing.”

On the 2010 Pro Bowl taking place the week before the Super Bowl
“It doesn’t really make any difference. This is my first one, so I wouldn’t really know what the difference was, regardless. I’m just happy to be here.”

On his relationship with Dallas QB Tony Romo
“I’ve been working with him—this is my fourth year in Dallas—for four years, so he understands how I run routes, and I understand how he throws the ball. I’m sure that has a lot to do with the chemistry that we have on the field. Like I said, we work a lot in the offseason and work a lot during the season after practice. It pays off.”



On participants’ desire to win the Pro Bowl
“Just from watching it being a fan for a number of years watching the Pro Bowl, you know in the fourth quarter—there’s a difference in pay for the winners and the losers—they start to pick up the intensity a little bit. Obviously, you have some pride as players as well, and you want to put on a good performance on the field.”

On why some players decline Pro Bowl invitations
“You’ll have to ask them. Personally, it is disappointing to lose your last game as we did, but this is something that you look forward to after (the season). It was disappointing to not be still playing. You want to be in the Super Bowl right now. That’s your goal when you start training camp, but it’s exciting to be able to be here as a mild consolation.”

On Green Bay’s future
“I hope it’s very bright. Our key is going to be (that) we’ve got to bring back a lot of those same guys we had last year. A lot of guys’ contracts are up this year. Thankfully, I’m just paid to play. There are some tough decisions that are going to have to be made this season. As long as we can keep that core group of guys together—I believe in (Green Bay Head Coach) Mike McCarthy and the direction that he is taking this team.”


On his impression of New Orleans’ offense
“If I remembered, I’d be able to tell you. I was knocked out in the fifth play of the game. They’re dynamic. Everything revolves around (New Orleans QB) Drew Brees. He’s the leader. He can do anything. He pretty much sets the tempo. Then, they have so many weapons. They have four receivers who can hurt you at any given time, and you have someone throwing the ball that can put it wherever he wants to put the ball. Then, they’ve got three running backs who always give you a change a pace. You pretty much just have got to line up and play football. You can say what you think you’re going to get, but nine times out of 10, you’re not going to get it. At the end of the day, you’ve just got to rally up and play ball.”

On his teammates trying to convince Arizona QB Kurt Warner to return to the Cardinals next season
“We would love for Kurt to come back, but I think that’s going to be his decision. I’ve had five good years under Kurt Warner, and I’d definitely miss him as a teammate if he’s not there. Kurt’s decision is going to be Kurt’s decision. I don’t think there’s anyone that can control what Kurt wants to do.”

On his return to Miami
“It’s great. I’m home. I’m here with my family and friends. I’m back where it all started, and that’s the name of the game. I haven’t been back here in five years, so that’s extremely special to me.”

On playing in his first Pro Bowl
“It’s an honor. You’re amongst the best of the best. There are only a handful of guys who get picked to come here. Fortunately, I was one of them. I am very grateful. I understand this opportunity. I’m happy, and I’m going to live it up.”


On accepting his invitation to the 2010 Pro Bowl
“I was a first alternate, so I made it really (based) on the NFC Championship with (New Orleans QB) Drew (Brees) and (Minnesota QB) Brett (Favre). It’s a tough call. I think a lot of us are looking at the outside of it when people decide not to come, but they’ve given the reasons why. Some are hurt, some have personal issues that they are facing (and) some just came up with something else. In the whole realm of things, I think we have to look at is the fact that the guys who are here had great seasons, and they are rewarded with being here to be able to participate.”

On if the absence of many top players makes the 2010 Pro Bowl feel “watered down”
“Watered down how? When you look at top guys, what do you mean by top guys? The guys who are here are top guys. If you look at (San Francisco TE) Vernon Davis, who had over 11, 12 touchdown catches; (Dallas TE Jason) Witten, who had an outstanding year; and also you look at guys like (Philadelphia WR/KR) DeSean Jackson or guys who are alternates like (San Francisco RB) Frank Gore, the list goes on of guys who have an opportunity to be here. I’m excited for those guys.”



On the NFL hosting the Pro Bowl in Miami instead of Hawaii
“It is a little different. You never can argue with being at home. It’s a little different. Everyone loves the vacation in Hawaii, but it’s different this year. So far, the guys are enjoying it.”

On practicing another week after finishing the 2009 season
“It’s not hard. Just being around these guys makes it a lot easier. Sometimes, you’re sitting there looking at the talent on this team and you wish you had these guys on your team for real because there are so many guys with tremendous talent. It’s a lot of fun just being out here around these guys.”

On the Houston Texans making progress towards playing in the Super Bowl
“We did. We had our first winning season. It’s been a work in progress. Coming to a new organization, I knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight. I’m going to keep working to achieve that goal.”

On if the Houston Texans organization is built to succeed in future years
“Yeah, I feel like everyone has been doing a good job. We have a lot of talent. Hopefully, this year through free agency and everything, we can bring some players in who can help us out and through the draft (as well). Hopefully, we will have a good offseason.”


On if he ever expected to play in a Pro Bowl in South Florida
“I never thought that, but this is home for me. It’s something new for us. I think if it’s not in Hawaii, Miami is a good place to have it. You have a lot of things to do, the weather is great, the food is great and (it has) good people. (There are) fun people to be around down here. I never thought I would be in a Pro Bowl down in Miami, but here we are.”

On the Pro Bowl not including players from the two Super Bowl teams
“That’s the only thing that’s still up in the air with me because guys who are actually on that main stage don’t get a chance to play in (the Pro Bowl). It’s something new. We’ll see what happens this year with it and then see if we can move forward with it. For me personally, I’d rather have it after the season, but I understand why they have it before the season is over. We’ll just see.”

On Hawaii being a highly-desired vacation site for the Pro Bowl
“Yeah, but a vacation is a vacation. To get a chance to be around the greatest athletes who play this game is always a blessing to me. Right here, we are in something special right now just being around here having fun doing what we love with some good weather. You have to cherish the moment. I think a lot of guys out here—they’re pretty happy being in South Florida for a Pro Bowl but would rather (be in) Hawaii over South Florida.”


On if the Pro Bowl is a consolation game after losing in the AFC Championship
“This is what it is. You get picked for the Pro Bowl; if you win the (AFC Championship game), you don’t play in it and you play in the Super Bowl. It’s just something that you go with what’s going on with your schedule and you move forward there.”

On comparing New Orleans and Indianapolis
“They’re both two great teams (with) two great quarterbacks. They have a lot of weapons on both sides of the ball on the offensive side. I think it should be a high-scoring game.”

On his prediction for the 2010 Super-Bowl champion
“I’m going with the Colts on this one… I played both (teams), but I feel that (Indianapolis QB) Peyton Manning—he’s great at what he does. He’s like a coach out there in a player’s body. He controls the game very well. He audibles four or five times to get them in the right position for them to make the good play.”

On evaluating New Orleans
“Like I said, they have a lot of weapons. We had trouble matching up with them a little bit. They’ve got (New Orleans RB) Reggie Bush, who can come in and catch the ball out of the (back)field and also make big plays in special teams, too; they’ve got a good receiving corps; and they’ve got a good running game. There are a lot of things that they’ve got that can help them win, also.”


On why some players do not play in the Pro Bowl when selected
“A lot of guys, honestly, deal with serious injuries. A lot of guys understand what type of mentality that they have to take truly to just get through a regular-season game. A lot of guys play with pain. A lot of guys play with pain, so when the Pro Bowl does come, you can ask yourself: ‘Do I take a true week to just heal or do I come out and limp around and show where I’m really hurting at?’ I take my hat off to guys who actually go through that.”

On if he had hesitated to play in the 2010 Pro Bowl
“No, I love it too much. This is one of the greatest accomplishments you could have outside of (winning) the Super Bowl. Bottom line, if this is your first time or your 11th time, it doesn’t matter; it’s the same reward. You understand that these times will never be (possible) again. No matter what you try to do, these times will never be again.”