NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin’s Attorney Larry Friedman Files $100 Million Lawsuit

michael-irvin-mugshot-2 In response to a Florida woman’s lawsuit alleging NFL Hall of Famer and former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin raped her, Michael Irvin’s Attorney Larry Friedman filed a $100 million lawsuit today in Dallas County against Nicole Alicia Mustafa alleging a “civil extortion plot.”

“Michael Irvin is appalled at Alicia Mustafa’s accusations. He is a victim of his own success and what has become a widespread venture to sue high profile celebrities. It is typical for fame-seekers to attack celebrities of Irvin’s stature to try and make a quick-buck. It is very obvious that this is a civil extortion plot,” said Friedman.

The suit describes Mustafa’s attorneys, “who created a salacious lawsuit and were sending copies around Dallas and Miami looking for people with ties to Irvin. When Mustafa’s attorneys finally reached Irvin, they told him that if he did not pay them a million dollars they would file a lawsuit that would ruin his career.”

According to the suit, over the next five months, Mustafa’s attorneys constantly called Irvin inquiring into whether Irvin was going to “pay up.” According to the suit, “in January 2010, Mustafa’s attorneys let it be known that if they did not get paid, they would file a pleading more detailed than required by the rules of the court during the Super Bowl so that his career would be over. This is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to carry out Plaintiff’s civil extortion plot while capitalizing on the media of Super Bowl weekend.”

According to the suit, in July 2007, Mustafa went to the Seminole County Police Department claiming she was raped by Michael Irvin on July 5, 2007 fifteen days after the alleged incident. On July 21, 2007, the day after opening a file with the police department, Mustafa signed two waivers of prosecution.

The Seminole Police Department found Mustafa’s claims un-credible and stopped actively investigating the file over two years ago.

According to the suit, after seeing Irvin’s success on Dancing With The Stars and his new reality show, Fourth and Long, Mustafa decided to take another stab at Irvin.

According to Larry Friedman, the $100 million suit filed today in Dallas County by Larry Friedman is the vehicle through which Irvin can recover against “the morally bankrupt individuals attempting to destroy the hard earned reputation and career of a highly-acclaimed sports figure.” The causes of action listed in the suit include: Tortious Interference with Current and Prospective Business Relations; Civil Conspiracy; Defamation and Slander; and Civil Extortion among others.