Nude Photos Of Snookie Appear On The Web (Pics)

500x_snookie_dec9So it looks like we found the naked Snookie pictures I think? It seems a web portal is pawning off what is obviously photoshopped pictures of Snookie

Snookie who has a waistline like Kevin Smith is shown in the picture on all fours with a stomach flatter than day old beer. Further dismissing these as fakes is earlier reports of the real pictures suggested they were self shot and these clearly are not.

Though the girl in the photo has the NJ shore tan and the French tip nails. I am taking the leap and calling these pictures bogus.


I guess it is a cool play for to get traffic to their website but the site has nothing to do with Snookie what so ever. The pictures are not her. So take a look for yourself. There is no way those are the same two women. If that is actually Snookie’s body at one point, oh my god what the hell did you do to yourself Snookie.

Even if that was her body at some point; she still has a face that could take first place in the Westminster Kennel Club Show 2010. Bringing the term butterface to a whole new level.

Take a look for yourself you tell us if you think it is the same body.