Elizabeth Hurley Goes Virtually Topless With Her See Thru Dress (Pics)

ELIZABETH-HURLEY ThumbElizabeth Hurley seems to be catching a bit of a chill at this event. Hurley wore a see through sari to a black tie event yesterday. It seems Hurley decided she didn’t want to wear the sari blouse underneath it.

By the yeah I’m hitting that look on her husband’s face it seems he didn’t mind the skin show at all. Liz shows off a set of what can only be described as stunning breasts at the event. Take a look at the pictures yourself. She is pretty much nude from the top up.

So I guess we can’t call these opps photos or officially a nip slip. Still here are Elizabeth Hurly’s cans on display for the world to see. It makes you wonder what the hell was Hugh Grant thinking. He picked up a street whore and left these killer boobs at home? What an idiot.

These pictures are huge they may take a couple of seconds to load. Trust me they are worth the wait. We hope this makes up for the naked Snookie pics we shared with you last week.