FAMU Sextape Screencaps and Still Pics

FAMU Still 9You know we will be the first to call someone out over a faked sex tape or faked nude photos. It looks like the FAMU sextape is a phony. The first clue that that is bogus is the dialog. The students/actors consisting of 7 African – American students and one Asian girl cannot stop referencing that they are in college.

The entire tape is peppered with comments like “I love college” and “come here college girl”. Adding to the disbelief is the comments by one of the actresses “don’t get too loud we don’t want the Principal to hear us”. If this bimbo actually ever attended a college she would know colleges have Deans not Principals.

The tape seems to be one big ad for a porn site called DareDorm.com. I would imagine they are the ones that put the link on the internet and leaked the story. The story really falls apart at the end when the dorm room orgy turns into a food fest with fried chicken.

As the students are licking the dipping sauce off of each other the message Want To See More pops up, then you are directed to DareDorm.com. For now it looks like the integrity of Florida A&M University is intact.

So for your viewing here is a link to the alleged sex tape again. It links to a site outside our control so download at your own risk.