TMR Health: Diesel Fuel Creatine – Harnessing the Natural Power of Insulin

ANS Diesel Fuel creatine builds muscle through several different pathways but for the purpose of this article we will touch on its effect on producing a natural insulin response.

This product has developed its own cult following by producing consistent positive results. It has also generated a lot of questions on why it works so much better than competing products. Read on to learn more about how Diesel Fuel creatine works.

ANS Diesel Fuel forces an insulin response in order to drive creatine and amino acids into the muscle for enhanced muscle growth. This concept involves using the body’s natural insulin response to drive increased levels of amino acids, creatine, and glucose into muscle during extremely intense training sessions. The net effect equals more rapid gains in strength and muscle.

Insulin is the chemical trigger that drives nutrients into muscle cells. The larger the insulin response the greater the anabolic response. It’s that simple.

Insulin up regulates and activates all the transport mechanisms responsible for pumping amino acids, creatine, and glucose (all of which are critical for building maximum muscle and strength) directly into the muscle tissue.

So in effect, going into a workout with insulin spiked, and the bloodstream loaded with an abundance of these nutrients, will produce the necessary anabolic environment for gains in mass and strength.

ANS has taken this strategy to an entirely new level with the advent of Diesel Fuel, by utilizing the body’s own insulin production to drive increased levels of anabolic nutrients into working muscle — effectively turning the body into an anabolic machine.

Diesel Fuel sets off a near skin-splitting pump. It should be noted that even though the pump feels very pronounced and is definitely addictive, it’s not the feel that’s anabolic. It’s what’s being pumped into the engorged muscle tissue that’s making the difference.

Diesel Fuel can be taken pre or post workout but if you are looking for the pre-workout insulin response make sure to dose it before your workout. If you really want to maximize results from this product mix it into a pre-workout product like SSL Rush or BioRhythm’s Juice.