Howard Stern: Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on Wednesday March 10, 2010

tiger-tropy-mainAfter weeks of hype, Howard Stern will finally be bringing us the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant tomorrow, Wednesday March 10. I cannot think of any other media outlet that can deliver this kind of entertainment, other than the Howard Stern Radio Show.

The contest was originally announced with four unnamed contestants confirmed, but within the past few days it was reported that one of those contestants has dropped out. Again, neither the names of the confirmed contestants nor the drop-out has been released by the Stern staff. It is unknown whether Tiger Woods influenced the decision of the fourth contestant or not. I would think it would be worth the money for Tiger to buy out each and every one of these contestants for the actual prize money or more.

Stern also announced that alongside the $100,000 cash prize for the winner, sponsor will be awarding the winner of the pageant a 3.5 karat black diamond ring. It is not known if this is a ring made custom for this competition or not.

Howard Stern and the staff contemplated the judging panel over the weeks since the contest was announced, debating whether it should be a “celebrity” panel of judges or if they should just make the decision of the winner in-house. It sounds like they have decided to have their own staff be the judges, but what better time would there be for a triumphant return of Stern sidekick Artie Lange? Lang has been absent from the show since a January 2nd suicide attempt. It would be great to hear Artie’s voice on the air tomorrow, even if it is for just that once show.

Some betting sites have even posted the odds for some of the possible contestants, such as They have odd of the winning contestant at:
L. Jolie (5-2), C. Rist (5-2), H. Sampson (3-1), J. James (5-1), J. Jungers (5-1), J. Grubbs (5-1), K. Moquin (8-1), M. Braun (8-1), J. Postle (8-1), T. Rogers (20-1), Mindy Lawton (20-1),Rachel Uchitel (20-1)

Uchitel is apparently unable to participate in an event such as this based on a deal she struck with Woods, but the odds were posted anyway.

Once the winner is crowned, we’ll post a full gallery on the winner, hopefully along with some video from her appearance on the show and in the pageant.

The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant can only be heard tomorrow on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and will be televised on Howard TV, Howard Stern’s On Demand Cable Channel.