2010 NFL Draft: The TMR Zoo Tim Tebow Contest

tebow-angelWe really don’t care that Tim Tebow just bombed the Wonderlic test, he is still the second-coming. Raising the dead, walking on water and winning football games… THAT is what Tim Tebow does. And he’ll continue to do it long after he is drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft.

The question, however, is just when, and by which NFL team, Saint Tebow will be selected in said draft.

That is where the TMR Zoo works it’s magic. From the site that has brought you such great weekly sports contests as the NFL “Beat the House” and the MLB “Double Play” and “Grand Slam”, comes the very latest in sports entertainment…

The TMR Zoo Tim Tebow Contest

Starting this Monday, The TMR Zoo will give YOU the opportunity to guess which team selects Tim Tebow in this year’s NFL draft and in which round. The twist is that in this contest, you are not one-and-done with your entry. No, all entrants will have the opportunity to enter the Tim Tebow contest every single day from the time the contest opens until the start of the draft at 7:30pm EST on Thursday April 22.

How you wish to enter the contest is your choice. You can stack the deck and pick the same team and round every day during the entry period, or you can can try every combination of teams and rounds you can fit in up until the end date. Once Saint Tebow is selected by a team, we will pull all of the correct entries out of the pool and select an entry at random as the winner. The strategy is yours to decide.

turtle beach logoWhat is up for grabs? How about this prize pack:

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Headphones for PS3
– Major League: “The Wild Thing Edition” on Bluray
– Madden 10 fo the PS3
– Nickelback Live at Sturgis on DVD


So who will select Tim Tebow? There are a few teams in the league looking to rebuild and scrambling for quarterbacks right now. (pun intended) Or will it be a surprise pick? Could the Pittsburgh Steelers cut ties with Ben Roethlisberger after getting fed up with another sex-related incident? Or could the ultimate sin happen and Mr. Tebow not get selected by any team in any round. At this point nobody knows and all we can do is guess… so why not have some fun with it?

The Tim Tebow contest will be live on Monday and you can get to the entry page by clicking on Tim’s smiling mug in the sidebar on the right. To help you on your journey, we will be posting weekly updates on draft predictions, mock drafts, betting odds and anything the experts have to say about Tim and the draft in general. You’ll have to check back daily for the latest news.

I know, I know, this is like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. You’ll just have to wait until Monday!