Is JaMarcus Russell Eating Himself Out Of The NFL?

JaMarcus-Russell-RaidersToday’s NFL report is being brought to you by The National Donut Council. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury-News reports that Jamarcus Russell weighed 271 pounds when he reported to the team’s voluntary offseason workouts this week.

I can’t imagine the extra weight is going to help his game. That’s 11 pounds heavier than his listed weight of 260 pounds. With the amount of money Al Davis has lost on this player I think JaMarcus is a bigger bust that Ryan Leaf.

JaMarcus still has three years left on his six year, $61 million, $32 million guaranteed contract. Let’s face it there is no team in the NFL that is going to trade for Russell and take that financial hit. The Raiders are stuck with what will become the most expensive backup in the history of football.

So what can Al Davis do to correct this error? We know Oklahoma’s QB Sam Bradford and Notre Dame signal caller Jimmy Clausen are expected to go with in the top 4 picks in this year’s draft.

Oakland is picking at 8th which is too late to pick up Bradford or Clausen. Even if they could move up to there is now way Al Davis wants to spend another 30 – 40 million on a quarterback. Smart money has The Raiders picking up OT Bruce Campbell in the first round and get ready for it…..yes, Tim Tebow in the second.

We all know Al Davis will give JaMarcus one last shot to redeem himself this year. If JaMarcus continues the downward spiral it looks like Bruce Gradkowski will be tapped to step in. Bruce Gradkowski is a solid backup but he is never going to be a franchise QB.

With Tim Tebow you get a solid backup for JaMarcus and hopefully someone that challenges him for the starting job. We all know Russell doesn’t see Bruce Gradkowski as a threat. If Jamarcus did see Bruce Gradkowski as a threat he wouldn’t show up for camp flirting with 300 lbs.

I could be wrong but this is one of the scenarios I see happening in the 2010 NFL Draft.

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