Videogame Roundtable Podcast Episode 4: Heavy Rain Vs. God of War III

 This week, Videogame Roundtable goes with a two man team of Jonah Falcon and Filippo Paris, as they challenge gamers to decide which game is better: Heavy Rain or God of War III.

They also discuss:

  • Press X to Jason, the spoof that Filippo prefers to Heavy Rain
  • Mass firings at IGN imminent
  • Sony shows off the Move at GDC
  • Gears of War 3 coming April 2011?
  • Crytek shows off CryEngine 3
  • Crackdown 2 launches July 6
  • Mass Effect 2 DLC hits April 6
  • Ensemble and Pandemic blame themselves for their closures

If that weren’t enough, Jonah takes pity on Filippo’s Wii, while manfully bragging about his own.

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