Mike Tomlin Finally Comments On The Ben Roethlisberger Situation…Sort Of

mike-tomlin-steelers-coachIt seems The Steelers organization continues to distance themselves from troubled Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. As we reported earlier in the month it seems that everyone tied to this situation seems to be giving Big Ben the Heisman.

Mike Tomlin was interviewed by NFL Network’s Jennifer Allen on Saturday at the annual league meetings. Allen’s question and Tomlin’s answer both seemed very contrived. Let’s face it the NFL and The Steelers knew the question and the answer in advance.

It is alarming that Jennifer Allen is sitting across from the Coach of the Quarterback tied to the biggest NFL story of the year and lets him off the hook after one softball question. What no follow up question? I am envisioning NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s hand up Jennifer Allen’s backside like a puppet master.

I am so dizzy from the spin of the “interview” I think I am going to hurl.

Tomlin’s response to the softball question was “I’m highly concerned for our franchise and for Ben personally,” “My concerns are many, but I think at this time it’s kind of appropriate to watch these things and let these things run their course.”

To quote Pink Floyd from their album The Wall “Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying”

Then Tomlin piled on “But I think it would be inappropriate for me to have strong feelings one way or another with the investigation being ongoing and so forth. Like everyone else, you watch these things unfold,”

This is the same response we have received from everyone in The Steelers organization and The NFL since day one. I don’t think we will truly know how Pittsburgh feels about this situation until the 2010 NFL Draft.

The Steelers have the 18th pick in this year’s draft. That is way too late to pick up Quarterbacks Bradford or Clausen and a bit early by most analysts predictions to pick up Tim Tebow. The problem is will Tebow fall deep enough in the second round for Pittsburgh to pick up Roethlisberger insurance? I don’t think so.

For The Steelers to pick up Tim Tebow in the second round the have to hope he slips past The Buffalo Bills who desperately need a Quarterback and not one but two 2nd round Patriots picks. The Patroits are bringing in Tebow for a workout and can’t expect him to be there in the third round. It looks like if Pittsburgh wants the Gator superstar is will cost them a first round pick.

I could be wrong but this is one of the scenarios I see happening in the 2010 NFL Draft.

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