“Kasumi’s Stolen Memory” Mass Effect 2 DLC Priced

Mass Effect Stolen MemoryThe first premium content for Mass Effect 2, “Kasumi’s Stolen Memory”, has been priced by Electronic Arts at $7 (560 MSP).

The release is “a testament to our promise to continue to provide fans with new, compelling, high quality post-launch content,” BioWare’s studio general manager Aaryn Flynn says.

As announced, the DLC will feature 90 minutes worth of gameplay. ”Stolen Memory” will be released April 6.

In addition, some new content will be available in the next 48 hours, including , the free “Firewalker” pack, which includes a new crewmember, a hovertank, and five missions. Some of the other content will be priced, some will be free. Let us know what you think.


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