NFL Draft 2010: Why Tim Tebow Will Be Picked By the Baltimore Ravens

tebow-jersey-mainWith the 25th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select… Tim Tebow.

Why the hell would the Ravens select a quarterback when they already have Joe Flacco? It’s not about quarterbacks, it’s about a new face for the franchise… marketing. For over ten years, that face has been Ray Lewis… and Mr. Lewis has one foot in the retirement home these days. Once Ray finally moves on to the next stage of his life, do you really think the Ravens will replace him as the face of the team, with one sporting a unibrow? That leaves Flacco out in the cold.


The transition would be cataclysmic. Going from Ray Lewis to Tim Tebow is like changing the mascot from Hitler to Jesus. It would be a genius PR move upon graduating to the next era of Ravens football. Chunky Soup, Nike, Father Brown’s Tasty Communion Wafers… Tebow and the Ravens would have their hand in any sponsorship deal they’d want. They could copyright the phrase “Tebow to Boldin… Touchdown!” It’s a license to print money.

What happens to Flacco, unfortunately, is inconsequential. He’ll probably be moved shortly after Baltimore selects Tebow in the first round. The bottom line is which of these do you want as the face of your franchise…

tebow-ravens or oscar-ravens

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