Is Jesse James The Mystery Voice On The Michelle Bombshell McGee Sextape? (Video)

Jesse JamesThis isn’t the first time we have seen a solo celebrity sextape. Recently Former Miss California Carrie Prejean had a solo sextape leaked to the internet. This solo sex tape is a little different.

This is live webcam chat sex. With that in mind I can imagine the dialog is raw. The webcam provider is teasing that the voice on the other side of the chat maybe very recognizable. They haven’t come out and said that James is the other voice on the chat session. The message tied to the video is interesting it states…

…“You thought you knew the whole story about Michelle Bombshell and her “affair” … well, you haven’t seen it all yet! The biggest bombshell of all is about to drop right here and ONLY at If interested in obtaining this video please contact michael fattorosi (our attorney) @Pornlaw on twitter”

I doubt they would be shopping this video through their lawyer unless there was more to this story.

This scandal seems to unfold day after day. First there was the Nazi photos of Michelle then the Michelle MaGee stripping video was released. Days later we hear of a picture of Jesse James doing an nazi salute wearing the same hat as his alleged mistress. Those pictures have yet to surface, thou tabloid news sites have claimed to have seen them.

If Jesse is the voice on the cam chat that will be the biggest bombshell of all. I can only imagine how explicit the audio could be. This is starting to feel like The Tiger Woods fiasco where every day the story got more sordid. To Jesse’s credit, at least in his case this has all been about a single “alleged” mistress. As far as we know…….developing.

The link to the preview of Michelle McGee’s explicit video goes to a third party site outside of our control click at your own risk. Bombshell Video