2010 NFL Draft: Tim Tebow Contest Update

tebow-yearbookIt’s been only ten days since the launch of the TMR Zoo Tim Tebow Contest and already it has been a huge success. We’ve heard from so many of you about how fun and different this competition is. We’ve promised to give you updates from the world of sports reporting and that is just what we’ve done. However, we haven’t updated you on the contest itself yet.

I’m sure you are all curious as to how everyone else is voting, so here is a quick report. The three top teams that everyone seems to be guessing as the future Tim Tebow landing spot are: the Buffalo Bills (7.5%), Dallas Cowboys (7.2%) and Jacksonville Jaguars (6.8%). The Cleveland Browns are just behind those three in a pretty tight race.


The round selections are pretty interesting. Most entrants are picking Tebow to be selected in one of the firs two rounds. The breakdown is: First Round (33.5%), Second Round (34.5%), Third Round (18%), Fourth Round (7%), Fifth Round (4%), Sixth Round (2%), Seventh Round (1%). Only a single entrant guessed that Mr. Tebow would go undrafted.

Maybe those statistics will help you out in future guess, maybe they won’t. Do as you must with them, but consider yourselves informed.

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The Tim Tebow contest is unlike any other contest you’ve entered before. Entrants are given the opportunity to predict the exact moment the professional football career of Tim Tebow begins by guessing which NFL team selects him, and specifically in which round. Once you have made your choices, you could call it a day and wait until the NFL Draft… OR, you can come back tomorrow, and every day up until the start of the draft, and submit your entry again.