Music Video From Twilight Eclipse Soundtrack Has Been Leaked To The Internet (Video)

twilight-Eclipse 2The internet has been abuzz about this leaked music video supposedly from the upcoming movie Twilight Eclipse. Though the soundtrack has not been announced there are some artists that have been rumored to be appearing on the upcoming  disk for the movie.

One name that keeps being thrown out there is Muse. It was also rumored that the Adam Lambert dark anthem dubbed “Suburban Decay”would be on the sound track. We are not sure if this is true.

What we did find out is Russian Singer Ed Khil has recorded a single overseas that industry insiders say was written for the movie. Industry analysts say this is an attempt to introduce the Russian teen heartthrob to an American audience.

The lyrics speak to the theme of the movie and the song captures the spirit of Twilight. Our sources also tell us this may be used as the theme for a love scene between Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart as and Robert Pattinson in the role of Edward Cullen.

One view of this masterpiece and I think you will agree with us…this was definitely written for Twilight Eclipse. The song has a long dramatic intro…be patient it is worth it.