PAX East ‘10: Day Two – PC Mania

PC Pax East 10A lot of stuff happened between now and the start of PAX East, and gosh darn it, there’s been so much to post and not nearly enough time to report it.

In the past 48 hours, I’ve had some extensive looks at such games as Two Worlds II, Civilization V, and Mafia II, but those will get their own preview articles. I will however, give the skinny on other PAX East spectacles I witnessed.

First off was the PC LAN room. Rows and rows of PCs as far as the eye can see. This room was for the purpose of the LAN competitions to be held at PAX, but there was some other very interesting stuff there as well.

Namely, gamers were given a chance to play some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in 3D, wearing 3D glasses. Reports were that the effects were cool, and felt useful in shooters, while Derrick Schommer later dismissed it, stating flatly he wanted holograms, not cheap 3D effects that required glasses.

Of special interest were the modded consoles. Some of the clever ones included:

This old television case mod. All that’s needed is a cheap softa, pretzels and some half-empty cans of beer. Television remotes? What’re those?

Not to be outdone is this faux-LEGO wizard from the old Final Fantasy games, complete with his own mushroom-thing.

Stay tuned for some impressions of actual games that were at PAX East

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