The NFL Investigates The Baltimore Ravens Latest Venture

Steve Bisciotti RavensThe National Football League Competition Committee is discussing The Baltimore Ravens latest move. The Ravens announced today they are building a night club named “Edgar’s” next to The Pittsburgh Steelers home turf, Three Rivers Stadium. The Competition Committee is not sure if this violates league rules.

Ravens General Manager, Ozzie Newsome said “the team has the right to open a business anywhere they would like”. “We have business ventures all over the country. This has nothing to do with The Steelers”. Outsiders wonder if the club is being built in hopes of creating more off field trouble for the Steeltown team.

Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has had widely publicized troubles off field this year, tied to nightclubbing. March 5 of this year Roethlisberger was accused of a sexual assault inside of a restroom of the Capitol City nightclub in Georgia.

Today reports are surfacing that Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes is being sued in civil court by a woman who alleged he threw a glass of liquor at her earlier this month. This also happened in a nightclub, Rain Night Club in Orlando.

NightclubRavens owner Steve Bisciotti reverberated Newsome’s justification for building the nightclub. Bisciotti said “We can’t make the Steelers players frequent the club, but what I can tell you is…if they don’t they will be missing out on a great time.”

Plans for the club include free wings during happy hour and $1 draft pitchers. The Ravens are also rolling out free Jello shots during Steelers games.

Some say this is in hopes of drawing The Steelers players away from the grid iron durring home games and onto the bar stools.

People are also questioning the design of the club. 85% of the floor plan for “Edgar’s is V.I.P. seating. Both Roethlisberger’s and Holmes’ alleged incidents happened in V.I.P. areas making this even more ominous.

Plans are to have “Edgar’s’ open in time for the Saturday night before The Steelers home opener. The Saturday night grand opening is by invitation only, ladies get in free.