2010 NFL Free Agency Update: Nothing Big Except Philadelphia Eagles/Donovan McNabb Trade Rumors

mcnabb2The 2010 edition of NFL free agency has slowed down to a crawl since the last time we reported on it. The biggest names still on the market are former teammates Terrell Owens and Brian Westbrook. Based on their performances last season, it appears that both of these once-great players have reached the end of road in terms of their NFL careers. Still, there is a good possibility that one or both players could be good mid or late-season acquisitions for teams looking for some additional players after the injury bug starts to hit rosters.


The biggest stories at this stage of free agency seem to be circling around the Philadelphia Eagles and their 11-year veteran quarterback Donovan McNabb. A different trade scenario is appearing daily both locally and nationally. It may be just wishful thinking though, as the ingrate Eagles fans and local sports media seem all too eager to ship out the main reason their irrelevant franchise was worth watching for the past decade, after years of futility. I can understand though, they have a proven quantity in Kevin Kolb waiting to step in… don’t they?

The rumored trade partners have been the Rams, Cardinals, Jaguars and most recently the Oakland Raiders, who seem to be so high on McNabb that they aren’t even worried about extending his contract that expires after the 2010 season. Check Twitter tomorrow for the latest garbage… I mean “news”.

The biggest entertainment of the offseason would be the reaction of the Eagles “fans” as Kevin Kolb is traded on draft day, they pick a QB early and McNabb plays out his contract.

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