NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four And Tournament Picks – Michigan State Defeats West Virginia for Championship

Michigan State 2Once again our gurus have called it. We told you at the beginning of this tournament that Michigan State was the breakout team, we hope you listened. It’s too late to re-adjust your brackets, but it is not too late to get in on some NCAA action.

We are imagining many of you are hitting sports betting sites to get the latest lines and spreads on the Final Four games. While there is no fail-safe way to bet on these games, we still might be able to help you out. We have a simple science for picking the winners in the Final Four.

The team with the hottest fans will go the furthest in the Final Four. The best High School prospects go to the schools with the hottest girls. Think about it, how else would a 17 year old boy choose a school?

Based on our intense research we like West Virginia over Duke. Michigan State will bulldoze Butler and ultimately take the NCAA championship. Take a look for yourself; Michigan State without a doubt has the hottest fans.

Note to Butler: If you want to win a championship take the turtleneck off of your cheerleaders. There is still time. Click any image below for full-sized version.

Good Luck on all of your pools.