Video Game Round Table Episode 6: The Incredible Shrinking Xbox

XBOX Nano PictureFor the first time in the last two weeks, Videogame Roundtable has a full crew, as Jonah Falcon, Richard Elliot, and the freshly returned Filippo Paris commiserate on stuff having nothing to do with videogames at all.

They do manage to discuss some important news, including more PAX stuff

  • The wondrous, magical Xbox Nano
  • The announcement of Conduit 2
  • A mysterious Bungie Halo reveal (solved!)
  • The Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 map packs
  • Major Nelson’s account getting hacked
  • Journalists forcing Nintendo to reveal the 3DS
  • A Project Natal rumor being refuted

Jonah also announces a PAX contest, giving away some Magic: The Gathering packs that were given away at PAX East, as well as 12 PAX East guides for the first people to comment. Tons of show and none of the mess!

Listen in on the player below, download it directly here, or subscribe to iTunes!

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