John Kuhn of the Green Bay Packers Creates Buzz Heading Into The Playoffs

Green Bay Packers’ running back John Kuhn has earned the top spot on the list of Rising Sports Stars to watch in the month of January. Kuhn scored three touchdowns in Green Bay’s Dec. 26 win against the New York Giants and has emerged as a fan favorite, gaining notice for key downs and special teams play. Kuhn’s popularity has increased 79% over the past 30 days, and cheers for “KUUUUUUUHN” ring out when he carries the ball. Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints and Brandon Bass of the Orlando Magic round out the top three.

This month’s list also features Jacoby Ford at number 6, the first player to make a repeat appearance since Rising Sports Stars launched in August 2010. The Oakland Raiders’ rookie wide receiver has dazzled fans with dramatic kickoff returns, including going 99 yards in 11 seconds following the opening kickoff in the Dec. 26 game against Indianapolis. The full list and additional details are available at:

January Rising Sports Stars

  1. John Kuhn (Green Bay Packers)
  2. Jimmy Graham (New Orleans Saints)
  3. Brandon Bass (Orlando Magic)
  4. DeAndre Levy (Detroit Lions)
  5. Eric Berry (Kansas City Chiefs)
  6. Jacoby Ford (Oakland Raiders)
  7. James Harden (Oklahoma City Thunder)
  8. Jay Feely (Arizona Cardinals)
  9. Devin Hester (Chicago Bears)
  10. Michael Beasley (Minnesota Timberwolves)

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SOURCE Brand Affinity Technologies