Amy Winehouse Has Another Nip Slip This One Leaves Her Topless (PICS)

I guess it is true that there is a sense of balance in the universe. The interwebs are still buzzing with the Maria Menounos bikini malfunction lip slip at Miami Beach. Hot on the heels of those pictures we get these Amy Winehouse nip slip photos. Last year Amy Winehouse make it toward the top of our Top Ten Celebrities You Would Never Want To Sleep With list. This is before we saw photos of her naked breasts.

Now that we have seen these skanky boobs I think Amy Winehouse may make the top of the list next year. We also listed our Top Ten Nip Slips and wardrobe malfunctions recently, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The pic below clearly shows you who is the front runner for “The Ugly” title next year.

Amy Winehouse’s most famous hit is Rehab. This is the song that broke her into the US charts with the catchy hook “They wanted me to go to rehab I said “No, no no”. Now we want her to go to a plastic surgeon, dentist and a Roscoe’s’ Chicken and Waffles. Amy please say “Yes, yes, yes. Supposedly Amy Winehouse already has implants personally I think she needs another trip to the table.

A plastic surgeon could fix those horrible baby feeders and strip her of the homemade tattoos. With her teeth fixed and maybe a few pounds packed on by Roscoe, Amy could look human. When Amy Winehouse was younger she was actually very cute (see the picture below). Could she be pretty again?…never, human possibly.

So if for your morbid curiosity here is Amy Winehouse’s tits. Luckily this is a nip slip and not a lip slip. Looking at her tits heavens knows we would never want to see her vagina. I would imagine her cooch looks like a bulldog chewing mayonnaise.

So here is a picture of Amy’s last nip slips and her most resent boobie liberation.