2011 BCS National Championship Game Oregon Ducks vs. Auburn Tigers: Free Picks, Predictions and Odds

Since getting this job at TMRZoo.com, I have been called upon often to cover all aspects of Men’s Entertainment. In some cases we are reporting in areas of my expertise. In other cases there is a learning curve as I report to you our readers our discoveries in new areas. This week there is definitely a learning curve as we cover The Tostitos 2010 BCS National Championship Game – Oregon Ducks vs. Auburn Tigers . I know a lot about Tostitos but I don’t know crap about college football.

I am slowly getting accustomed to the nuances of … college football. As I get familiar with the sport we have found one universal theme that seems to emerge with every major sport…babes

I could easily dive into years of BCS and stats to make my BCS National Championship predictions. There were discussions of bringing in a college football writer to be an analyst for us. All of this seems senseless. We have proven again and again the team with the hottest fans typically takes home the hardware. All of our pre-BCS National Championship analysis tells us this will also be true with college football.

Auburn looks to be the favorite with future NFL superstar Cam Newton at the helm. With that in mind Oregon’s is an offensive juggernaut leading the nation with 49.3 points per game . We have all heard that defense wins championships. In this air show I think it may come down to clock management. Something tells me the last team to touch the ball tomorrow wins.

The Odds Makers have Auburn winning by a field goal (-3). These odds may be weighing heavily on the fact, Auburn Tigers are ranked #1. Our preliminary rankings “The TMR Babe index”,had these two teams in a dead heat. When asked which BCS National Championship team had the hottest fans Auburn ran away with the title. Take a look for yourself, we are going with Auburn on this one. As I said “the team with the hottest fans typically takes home the hardware” …this year it is Auburn