PS3 Software Piracy Begins as First Game is Played on An Unmodded Playstation 3

That didn’t take long, did it?

The rootkey crack that was uncovered by Geohot and other modders has the door wide open for rampant PlayStation 3 piracy, and the first pirated game on an unmodded PS3 has been done.

One software pirate has shown Castlevania: Lords of Shadow running off a hard drive with the PlayStation 3 thinking it’s a legit PSN game. According to GamesRadar:

“At this stage it’s still a complex thing to do to get it running, which is well beyond the capabilities of ‘normal’ gamers. But now the dam has been breached, it’s unlikely anyone’s going to stick their finger in the hole because they’re having second thoughts.”

Geohot may have claimed he doesn’t condone software piracy, but pirates are singing his name in honor right now.

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