Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund Fails Howard Stern Show Psych Test, Rick’s Cabaret Girls React (PICS)

Howard Stern is still only in the first month of his new 5-year contract with SiriusXM Satellite Radio and has already provided us with some incredible entertainment for the year. Yesterday, the results of a psychological test performed on the six of the Show’s staff members, were revealed by the testing psychologist, Dr. Debbie Magids.

Howard teased the results last week, stating that one of the six tested in the “severe” range of psychological disorders. It came as no shock to the group that the staff member in question was Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund. Howard had just assumed he was the one since he started discussing the test.

Ronnie immediately started debating the results and pointing out the flaws in the test. Even more shocked by the results are the girls at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City, where Ronnie has become a fixture and a friend. We talked to a few of the uber-hot Rick’s girls about it, and here are some of their reactions…

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Adrianna: “I was listening to the show and honestly I was surprised that Ronnie failed the psych test, He always seems well adjusted and happy when he’s here.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Nadia: “Ronnie is a lot of fun. The test showed that he’s a narcissist, but that’s not really too bad a thing–is it?”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Violet: “We love all the guys on the Howard Stern Show, Ronnie is always polite and sweet. I think they should redo the test.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Austin: “Look at the pictures of Ronnie with me and some of my fellow Rick’s Girls–he sure looks happy, I think if he took the test while at Rick’s Cabaret he would not come in last but rather in second–Howard would always be number one, of course.”

Take Austin’s advice and look at the pics below. She’s right, Ronnie looks plenty happy… but how can he not be amongst the girls of Rick’s. Click any of the thumbnails below to check out a full-sized version of the pic of Ronnie and the girls:

You can check out the girls yourself, and maybe even Ronnie, at Rick’s Cabaret in NYC. To know more about our good friends at Rick’s in NYC check out