Minnesota Vikings’ Everson Griffen Arrested Twice and Tasered Once… In Three Days

Ut oh, looks like someone has a guaranteed date with NFL Commissioner, and behavioral Czar, Roger Goodell. Attempting to do his best Charlie Sheen impression, Minnesota Vikings’ defenseman Everson Griffin was recently arrested twice in a three day span. To complete the hat trick, Griffen was tasered as well.

We apologize in advance for not having video of the tasering.

On Friday night, Griffen was arrested in Hollywood for public drunkeness. Knowing that he would already be in trouble with the league, he went ape shit a few days later. On Monday night, on the USC campus (where he was a college standout prior to being drafted by the Vikings), Everson was pulled over by police and could not produce an ID.

Instead of using his NFL and local status to get him out of trouble, Griffen allegedly decided to test his 40 time and took of running, assaulting an officer in the process. Well, he must have failed that speed test because the police caught, and tasered, the 6′-3″, 275 pound defensive end. He was arrested for felony battery.

Griffen was expected to be a first or second round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, but fell all the way down to the Vikings in the fourth round. Hmmm, I wonder why?

As for the Charlie Sheen impression… we know the man, Mr. Griffen, and YOU are NO Charlie Sheen.