Kenny Chesney Releases Summer in 3D a 2009 Sun City Carnival Tour Concert Filma 2009 Sun City Carnival Tour Concert Film

Kenny Chesney, one of the biggest ticket-sellers of this century, has partnered with Qello, a new digital syndication service, for the premiere of the digital release of his electrifying 2009 Sun City Carnival Tour concert film, Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D. Now, millions of fans can experience the magic and thrills of Chesney’s high-energy performances, up close and as never seen before in 2D-HD digital format on iPhone and Droid.

Qello’s debut product, the Chesney App, is a first-of-its-kind HD concert App with easy to navigate chapters. Qello is releasing the Chesney concert film through a special digital marketing campaign with the support of the Apple and Droid App Marketplace. Following this first release on mobile devices, the concert film App will extend into the Gaming Console market and ITPV, spanning across all of Qello’s digital distribution, and making Chesney the first ever concert film on every device, anytime.

Qello is a pioneer in the new age of digital entertainment. By working with leading media syndication companies, artists, and creative entities, Qello is carving out new digital channels and providing thousands of hours of dynamic HD concert film programming.

President of Qello Bob Frank says, “Kenny Chesney is one of the most popular performers in the world and a perfect partner for the launch of the exciting Qello platform. Just as Netflix did for movies, Qello is a first-mover, changing the way music fans will consume live concerts.”

With the Qello premiere of Chesney’s most recent tour, fans can relive the fun, the songs, and the moments that make Kenny Chesney the must-see concert experience.

Chesney says, “It was an amazing — and at times scary — experience to have cameras that close, in the air, in a blimp… cause they’re everywhere. But when you see what this film captures… well, even for me, who’s in the eye of the storm, I was taken aback! It has all the energy, all the thrills, and even better focus on some of the most rocking nights I can imagine. If you see this, you’ve seen me in a way I’ve never been seen…”

The concert footage was shot over six nights in five locations — Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Seattle, Foxboro, and Indianapolis — using a total of 22 3D camera rigs. The rigs included state-of-the-art systems from 3ality Digital outfitted with Sony 1500-series professional digital cameras.

Joe Thomas, director of the film, adds, “Kenny is an incredible talent, whose live shows define what the concert experience should be about. This concert, its production, and the access that Kenny gave to our cameras, will give his fans an unprecedented opportunity to see, up close, the true strength of this man’s attraction to the millions that have seen him live.”

About Kenny Chesney

Chesney is one of the most popular live music acts of the 21st century, having sold over one million tickets in each of the past 8 summers and selling out stadiums in Boston, Seattle, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. A 4-time Country Music Association and a 4-time ACM Entertainer of the Year winner, Chesney has sold over 30 million records and notched 21 #1 singles, including “When the Sun Goes Down,” “Beer in Mexico,” “Living in Fast Forward,” “Summertime,” “Young,” “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven,” “Who You’d Be Today,” “Never Wanted Nothing More,” and “Anything But Mine,” among many others. His newest release, Hemingway’s Whiskey, has already yielded two #1 singles: “Boys of Fall” and “Somewhere With You.”

About Qello

Qello is a new multi-platform digital syndication service delivering the highest quality streaming HD concert film and entertainment content in the world. Outfitted with the largest catalog of live concert footage and spreading across all digital entertainment platforms, Qello’s content can be found anywhere, anytime. Qello works with leading media companies, artists, and creative entities, carving out new broadcast channels and providing thousands of hours of dynamic and exclusive HD concert and music film programming. Aligned with the best partners, Qello leverages its unparalleled platform and social media expertise to promote its titles and to engage music and entertainment lovers with high quality content.