Time To Get Baked and Lazy with Lazy Cakes

You won’t find them in a school bake sale, nor will you find them in shops that require medically authorized identification to enter. However, Lazy Cakes™, brought to you by the good folks at HBB, LLC, are being introduced throughout the United States, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

“Whoever invented these deserves a medal,” said Facebook Fan Tim Moore of Mountainburg, Arkansas.

“These things are awesome,” exclaimed Destiny Wallace a mother of two from Hartselle Alabama. “I haven’t slept that good in years.”

Lazy Cakes™, a rich and gooey chocolate brownie, are a dietary supplement to aid adults who lead a stressful, energy drink- fueled lifestyle who want to wind down and relax. The magic of Lazy Cakes™, the original relaxation brownie, is in its proprietary blend that includes herbal relaxation aids melatonin, Valerian Root Extract, Rose Hips Extract, and Passion Flower.

“It’s 2011, people are checking their smart phones 24/7, flying to multiple cities in a day, and getting fired for reaching their breaking point,” said Terry Harris, CEO HBB, LLC. “It’s time for everyone to relax! With Lazy Cakes™, we’re allowing them to relax with a great-tasting evening snack.”

Lazy Cakes™’s popularity is rapidly growing; The Phoenix New Times recently recommended these chocolate morsels of deliciousness as tasting “good — the brownies are very chewy, with a rich layer of fudge in the middle — but we figured the flavor was the end of the experience…then something happened.” That something, was relaxation.

“We knew going in that Lazy Cakes™ would work,” said Harris. “The customer’s reaction to the efficacy and the flavor has been astounding. These brownies fly off the shelves so fast that I can’t even keep them in my house.”

To get your hands on one of these chocolaty, delicious Lazy Cakes™ or for additional information visit www.mylazycakes.com and don’t forget to click on the link to find out how to get “Brownie Points.”

For product news, promotions and contests, follow Lazy Cakes™ on Twitter at @larrylazycakes and join the company’s Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/LazyCakes.

SOURCE Lazy Cakes(TM)