2010/11 NFL Playoff Pick’em Contest… We Have Our Winners!

As Aaron Rodger, the Green Bay Packers and their fans celebrate the finale of another successful football season, it also marks the temporary conclusion of the featured football contests here at the TMR Zoo. After five months, tens of thousands of entries and a handful of winners, we have selected the final three winners of the TMR Zoo Playoff Pick’em contest.

The rules were simple… pick the remainder of the playoffs before each round commences. A winner was to be selected for each round and a grand prize was awarded to the football expert who earned the most cumulative points over the three rounds. Individual round winners are awarded a DVD or BD prize pack and the grand prize to the top point earner is a $100 Amazon.com gift card.

And the winners are…

Round 1: Mark Mirecki – Round 2: Paul Hoerig – Round 3: Rick Payetta
Grand Prize: Paul Hoerig

Our round 2 and grand prize winner Paul really cleaned up in this contest. He was the top point earner for EVERY round and lost rounds 1 and 3 only by tie-breakers. Paul picked the entire second round exactly as it played out. He wins a prize pack as well as the $100 at Amazon.com. Congrats and enjoy!

In Round 1, our winner Mark and grand prize winner Paul were the only contestants to pick only 4 total games incorrectly. Not too many entrants had faith in the Packers… in fact, only 11 in the entire first round entry field picked the Pack to win it all.

Round 3 was a little easier to pick with the field narrowed down to four teams and people realizing that Green Bay was a legit contender. Many an entry picked the teams exactly as they played out in this round, but only one entrant picked the exact combined score… good job, Rick. 56 was a ballsy number to pick for a game of this caliber. There was an excess of entries with 57 guessed, so thank you for preventing us from going to the next tie-breaker.

Emails will be going out to the winners shortly to let them know the list movies they have to choose their prize from.

At this time we’d like to thank everyone who entered all of our football-related contests this season. It all started when we guessed when Mr. Tim Tebow was going to be selected and by whom, then we all guessed who the last draft pick signed would be, our exclusive “Beat the House” contest rolled throughout the season and we threw in a “guess the score” contest for Thanksgiving.

Don’t worry, the delay won’t be long because very soon we will be rolling out our Cam Newton Draft Contest, where once again, you can guess when and by who this year’s golden boy will be selected. An autographed NFL regulation football is on the line again.

Enjoy your offseason!