Valentine’s Day Dating Tips: The 5 Rules of Social Dating

Don’t be unprepared this Valentine’s season. Newly launched social dating platform approaches its very first day of love. The site’s resident Relationshipologist gives Internet singles the low down on the ins and outs of social dating. The 5 golden rules that everyone needs to know when surfing dating sites in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

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1. Do use your friend’s help!

It’s not a crime in the USA and Europe, and is in fact actively encouraged. That’s what friends are for! Invite them and use their contacts to get yourself a date. Citizens from countries with one or less political parties should consult their attorney before uploading their address book.

2. Avoid talking about sex for at least 10 minutes.

OK, this is tough and it’s not a hard and fast rule, but the ladies expect at least 10 minutes of conversation before you get down to the business at hand, so I’ve been told…about a thousand times…

3. Fill out your Profile.

Your car is great. Your dog is cute, but we want to see you! We think you are beautiful. Also, fill in a few details about your life. Why? Why not? Most people these days can read, and for them, finding people who can write is almost a match made in heaven.

4. Don’t talk about your last disastrous relationship.

It’s tempting to discuss how your ex torched your flat and threw you on the street, but seriously, keep this to yourself. If only for the pleasure you will have when you get to scream “That’s exactly what my last girlfriend did!” in 6 months time when the process repeats itself.

5. Have fun.

Social dating isn’t like visiting the Dentist (no magazines or anesthetic for a start). We designed it to be fun, quick, easy and effective. Jump in, the water is warm and someone somewhere has a “you” shaped hole, waiting for you to fill it.

These tips were brought to you by Join over 80,000 new users and see what the fuss is about. Make friends, flirt and who knows, maybe even fall in love. Nothing is impossible when your friends are there to help you.

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