Ashton Kutcher Snub Is Proof: George Bush Doesn’t Care About Dumb People

The biggest douchebag in Hollywood was sitting right behind former President George W. Bush during Superbowl XVL. Ashton Kutcher seems to have gotten a hall pass and took in the game in Jerry Jones’ private luxury box. From what I see in the pictures, Demi Moore was not at the game, so it looks like Ashton left HIS luxury box at home.

Ashton, who has not yet realized he is irrelevant, was on BBC radio Thursday with DJ Scott Mills. During the interview Ashton Kutcher said he received a rude reaction from George W. Bush.

Ashton Kutcher quipped “I don’t think he’s very happy with me,” he went on to say  “He just was not very nice to me. He just kind of snubbed me a little bit.” The That 70’s Show has-been then continued “I think I said some mean things [about Bush] during the election. I feel like he probably doesn’t like me very much.”

Let me clarify this for Mr Kutcher… George W. Bush is a politician. If “W” thought you had any political clout whatsoever he would have used the opportunity to tap into your political network. If John Stewart, Janeane Garofalo or even Kanye West were in that luxury box, George W Bush would have chatted them up. The reason Bush didn’t talk to you is that you are a douche of magnificent proportions.

To claim George W Bush, the once most powerful man in the world, gives a shit about his political views is even more proof of Ashton Kutcher’s stupidity. Ashton, here is a wake up call – President Bush didn’t talk to you because he didn’t want to spend his night talking with a moron. Now go back to New York and do what you do best, Tweet us more bikini pictures of your wife.