Howard Stern is the Latest Twitter Celeb, Tweets Bikini Pics of His Wife Beth O (PICS)

The world of social networking reached a new level recently as Howard Stern finally succumbed to starting his own Twitter account. The Sirius XM radio god swore for months that he would never open an account, and even mocked the idea and fellow celebs for doing so. He relented just prior to the Super Bowl and now the man cannot be stopped.

Most recently, during an HBO broadcast of his biopic Private Parts, Stern tweeted a running commentary throughout the film, giving followers never before heard (read?) insights about the movie and production process. Yes, the shock jock broke some new ground again, pushing the boundaries of another form of media.

During one of his early Twitter sessions, Stern promised to post nudes of his wife, Beth Ostrosky Stern, if he had 100,000 followers by dinner time. The milestone was not reached (at that time) but he responded by posting some never-before-seen photos o his wife in a bikini from a professional photoshoot. You can enjoy them below…

The closest Howard ever came to doing this was when he posted on his website a ass-shot “sexting” photo that Beth privately sent him.

The Stern crew are currently on vacation this week, but you can follow Stern’s verified tweets at @HowardStern.