Blair River The 575 Pound Spokesman For The Heart Attack Grill is Dead at 29 (Video)

Blair River has died at the age of 29. Blair was the 575 pound spokesman for the Heart Attack Grill. The Phoenix area restaurant serves up an self described unhealthy menu that features high fat and ultra high calorie meals. These heatattacks on a plate are served by waitresses dress as nurses; the owner Jon Basso wears a doctor’s lab coat.

The menu has items like their quadruple bypass burger and flatliner fried cooked in pure lard. The Burger is stacked four patties high. This can all be washed down with a butter fat milkshake or a beer. The restaurant is also famous for offering free food to the morbidly obese. Anyone over 350 received free menu items.

Blair River 572-pound spokesman did not die of a heart attack. The 29 year old Pheonix area father is suspected of contracting pneumonia after catching the flu.

The restaurant’s owner Jon Basso spoke of Blair River with tears in his eyes “We all have a very, very brief time on this earth, and the measure of a man is how he leaves the world after he’s been here, and I can tell you Blair River was my friend,”