Cassandra Jade Sheen Estevez Huffman Is Not Winning…The Battle Of The Bulge

There is one Sheen that is not “WINNING”. That is Charlie Sheen’s oldest daughter Cassandra Sheen…she is losing the battle of the bulge. When I first saw these pictures I thought to myself – O look Roseanne Barr bought a new Mercedes. But I was wrong it is actually Charlie Sheen’s 25 year old daughter.

Cassandra Jade (Sheen) Estevez waddled down the aisle and is now Cassandra Huffman. Huffman is a great name for this woman…by the looks of her she huffs walking a flight of stairs.

There is only one situation in which Cassandra Sheen would get to use daddy’s catch term “WINNING”. That would be sitting between Takeru Kobayashi and Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. Let’s face it this girl is Cassive! if there was a quarter on that Benz seat and she sat on it… a booger would have shot out of George Washington’s nose.

You can also save you time chastising me for the fat jokes. I didn’t force the extra value meals in this girls mouth. This isn’t a chubby girl, this is an obese woman. She is so fat that she fell over she would rocked herself to sleep trying to get up.

If Charlie Sheen does walk away from his TV Show his daughter could step in for him. They would have to rename the show “Two and a Half Women, One and a Half Men”. The great thing for the network is they can save a fortune on wardrobe by letting out some of ‘Berta’s clothes a bit….”EATING”

So for your morbid curiosity here she is in all of her sweaty glory… Cassandra Jade Sheen Estevez Huffman