Introducing the Cam Newton 2011 NFL Draft Contest

This time last year, the TMR Zoo launched an extraordinary new contest that added an extra level of entertainment to the professional football offseason, especially the NFL draft. It was called the Tim Tebow draft contest and TMR Zoo members were asked to guess the team that would select Mr. Tebow and in which round. The twist? You could submit a new entry every singe day!

Flash forward exactly one year and NFL fans are once again graced by someone who may or may not be the second coming in a football jersey… the Auburn Tigers’ own, Cameron “Cam” Newton.

Once again we will be asking you, the TMR Zoo membership base, to guess the exact round this special player will be selected in and by what team. As mentioned above, you will be allowed to submit an entry every single day from when the contest opens until the start time of the 2011 NFL Amateur Draft. You can submit the same entry over and over again, OR you could mix it up and make a new guess each and every day the contest is live. The choice is yours.

What can you win? Since Cam was a multiple award-winning athlete this year, we are going to put together a prize pack of award-winning movies in Blu-ray format. The exact titles will be announced when we officially kick off the contest. They won’t be as ass-kicking as Cam is, but they’ll be close.

Keep checking back over the next few days so you can submit your first entry as soon as the contest is launched. We’re off to a similar start as last year’s contest as the national sports media is split in their opinions of Super Cam, both raving about him and calling him not NFL worthy within the same publications.

This is gonna be good…