New Study Says Boston and Miami are the USA’s Flirtiest Cities

They Beat San Francisco and New York to Top First “National Flirtation League” – the “NFL That Really Counts” – Florida Named “Flirtiest State”, With Three Cities in Flirt Top 10. – analyses 12m chats in largest ever study of Online Flirting  – Athens is “World’s Flirtiest City”

Miami is today named “America’s Flirtiest City” by the researchers behind the largest ever study of online flirting.

Boston ranks second and San Francisco third in the first “National Flirtation League” (NFL) compiled by, the world’s largest social network for meeting new people, with over 109 million users chatting and flirting in 180+ countries across the world.

Badoo’s flirtation league ranks U.S. cities by the number of chats/flirtations initiated per month on Badoo by the average user in each.

The U.S. results are part of a larger global study of over 12 million flirtatious contacts made during one month on

“This is a proud day for Miami”, says Lloyd Price, Badoo’s Director of Marketing. “The Dolphins might not have won the other NFL lately but their town has now won the NFL that really counts.”

It’s also a proud day for Florida, named America’s flirtiest state, with three cities (Miami, Tampa, Orlando) in the flirt top 10.

The average Badoo user in Miami initiates 18.5 flirtatious chats per month: fractionally more than in Boston (18.4) or San Francisco (17.1) but comfortably more than in New York (16.1) or LA (15.1).

While Miami tops the American league, Athens, Greece is named the world’s flirtiest city.

Even the flirtiest American cities are flirting in the minor leagues compared to the world’s three flirtiest cities – Athens, Moscow and Kuwait City – where average Badoo users each initiate over 25 online chats/flirtations per month.

Miami ranks 62nd globally, New York 89th and LA 106th.


    Ranking      City                    Score

    1            Miami                   18.5
    2            Boston                  18.4
    3            San Francisco           17.1
    4=           Tampa                   16.1
    4=           New York                16.1
    6            Orlando                 15.9
    7            Los Angeles             15.1
    8            Houston                 14.6
    9            Chicago                 14.5
    10           Phoenix                 13.9

    * Key: shows number of flirtations initiated monthly by average Badoo
      user in each city


    RANK   CITY                 SCORE*

    1      Athens               25.7
    2      Moscow               25.5
    3      Kuwait City          25.4
    4      Baku                 24.9
    5      Tunis                24.7
    6      Kiev                 24.5
    7      Beirut               24.0
    8=     Turin                23.7
    8=     Rome                 23.7
    10     Bari                 23.6

Source: Badoo