Enter the Cameron “Cam” Newton 2011 NFL Draft Contest

The big sports contest of the day is the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament… otherwise known as March Madness. Well, in the wake of the start of the NFL lockout, the TMR Zoo is bringing you yet another exclusive football contest…

The Cam Newton NFL Draft Contest

No one knows if there will be a 2011 NFL season or not, but there WILL be a 2011 NFL Draft. Since the amateur draft is inevitable, so the the emergence of the NFL’s next superstar, Cameron “Cam” Newton.

The Cam Newton Draft Contest is unlike any other contest you’ve ever entered. We will be asking YOU, the TMR Zoo membership base, to guess the exact round this special player will be selected in and by which team. You will be allowed to submit an entry EVERY single day from the time the contest opens until the start time of the 2011 NFL Amateur Draft. You can submit the same entry over and over again, OR you could mix it up and make a new guess each and every day the contest is live. The choice is yours.

Click here to enter the Cam Newton NFL Draft Contest.

What can you win? Since Cam was a multiple award-winning athlete this year, we have put together a prize pack of award-winning movies in DVD and Blu-ray format. The exact titles and covers are on the contest entry page. They won’t be as ass-kicking as Cam is, but they’ll be close. There are 7 titles in all and even more than 10 Academy Awards among them.

Don’t worry, we won’t just launch the contest and leave you on your own. Each week leading up to the draft, several times a week, we will post the very latest updates and mock drafts as far as Cam is concerned. Just stay tuned and we’ll deliver to you all the information you’ll need to win this bad boy.

Good luck!