TMR Music: Throwback Thursday’s Michael Jackson And Creed

We’re bringing a new section under the music department called Throwback Thursdays. Every Thursday we are going to bring back old hits, give you facts, ideas, and background information on the songs and artists. This week’s feature songs for Throwback Thursday are Creed’s Higher and Michael Jackson’s This Time Around.

Creed – Higher – Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed, got his inspiration for the song Higher from his nightmares. Stapp’s nightmares used to occur often, and they were very troublesome. He had a recurring dream that a mysterious man was attempting to murder him, and he ended up being shot and died. To get rid of his nightmares, he read a book on how Hindu monks use the power of lucid dreams to change the course of his nightmares. He stated “you’re physically asleep, but you’re awake in your mind…”. After reading the book, his recurring nightmares ceased. The song Higher, reached # 7 on the Billboard Top 100 chart.

Michael Jackson (Feat. Biggie Smalls) – This Time Around – The lyrics were written by Michael Jackson, and Grammy Winning Producer, Dallas Austin composed the music. The song is based on Michael Jackson and Biggie Smalls trying to cope with being famous, while dealing with negativity in their lives. The song was mostly used as a promotional single for Michael’s album “HIStory: Past, Present and Future”. It faired decently on the Billboard‘s Dance Music Chart, Hot R&B & Hip-Hop, and Rhythmic Top 40.