Charlie Sheen’s Torpedo Bombs – Defeat is an Option (Live Detroit Video Clip)

Charlie Sheen walked out to a standing ovation last night. That mood quickly changed. The crowd got progressively angry as the night went on in Detroit last night. Though no one knew what to expect…still no one thought the night would be about egotistical YouTube like clips of Charlie Sheen. What makes this more curious is Charlie Sheen’s tweet after the show. “The most honest city in the world honors the most honest man in the universe” The tweet included a picture of the audience that was obviously taken early in the show, before things got ugly.

If Charlie Sheen thinks Detroit is the most honest city in the world he has two options. Cancel the rest of the tour and refund everybody’s money. The other option would be to rework the show from beginning to end. Sadly something tells me by his tweet that Charlie Sheen somehow thinks last night was a success. It seems people on the intewebs have a different view.

From TMZ: The way Charlie’s people see it … it was just “one group of unruly people who started booing, and it became a mob-mentality situation.” One source groused, “They wouldn’t even let him finish a story,” adding “It wasn’t all bad and we’re looking forward to Chicago.

The tweetbacks on @charliesheen tell the tale of the tape. “Get help, Charlie. Please. If you don’t you might bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, dying on stage.”, “…The crowd is middle aged people. Charlie is 45. Anyway he was booed off. Fail” and “Yes Detroit is a Great and Honest City in the US as in Michigan – But you are not Mr Sheen. You are are Joke and took advantage of the People in Michigan who are ASSES for spending their money on YOU”

To Charlie Sheen’s defense there were some positive tweets on the page but most of those seemed to come from people how have not paid $100 for tickets. One retweet on Sheens page links to a ticket broker that has seats for the remaining shows at 50% off. LOSING