Celebrate the Start of the 2011 Baseball Season at Rick’s Cabaret (PICS)

The 2011 Major League Baseball Season is still fresh and exciting and the amazing girls of Rick’s Cabaret are celebrating by wearing their favorite team’s gear. Oh, don’t worry, they won’t be wearing it for very long when you visit. Check out some of the girls, in various stages of dress, in the gallery below.

Yes, the girls at the favorite gentlemen’s club of the staff of the Howard Stern Show are HUGE baseball fans. When players from the two local baseball clubs, as well as visiting teams’ players, frequent the club on a regular basis, it’s hard not to be a fan. Rumor has it that some of the Yankees found their way over to Rick’s recently. Ok… it’s not a rumor, some Yankees players headed straight to Rick’s Cabaret after playing their season opener according to Rick’s girl Skyler: “We had a visit from a couple of Yankees right after their home opener.” “But we are not allowed to name names. We respect everyone’s privacy,” she explained.

It’s Baseball season, and spotting a player at the famous midtown gentlemen’s club is a regular occurrence. But that’s enough about the guys, let’s check out some Rick’s girls. Click any thumbnail below to view the full-sized high quality version:

You can talk baseball with any girls, but how often can you talk baseball with a scantily clad girl dancing for you? Come to Rick’s Cabaret and start “conversing”. Start by visiting Ricks.com.

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