New Orleans Saints Safety, Darren Sharper Needs To Start Playing Football

Darren Sharper does more than defend the New Orleans Saint’s gridiron. He stars in the next episode of the hit webseries, “A Series of Unfortunate People,” which airs this Monday, April 18th. He steals the show and snags the comedy bug.

For those people in your life you simply love to hate, has created this new anthology of short comedies. They personify the tragic personalities of those special folks in our lives who require copious amounts of care and attention. From the ‘Whiny Bitch’ and the ‘Cheap F*cker’ to the ‘Passive Aggressive Cleaning Lady,’ WorkingBug tackles them all., a Los Angeles based digital production company that creates, produces and distributes original comedic programming, welcomes the NFL’s Darren Sharper to their show, “A Series of Unfortunate People.” Annie Lukowski directs the eight-part comedy, which has gathered a considerable audience since its premiere on March 21 st. The upcoming “Punchline” episode stars Sharper, who embodies a clueless jokester ‘infected’ with an Inappropriate Sense Of Humor. Fans watch as co-star and principal, Leyna Juliet Weber, grapples with an ethical dilemma as she faces Darren’s verified and dangerous “I.S.O.H” diagnosis. Following WorkingBug’s tested formula, the laughs are packed into a five-minute episode where chaos undoubtedly ensues.

Previous episodes have featured other notable talents including veteran comedian Kym Whitley, Keegan-Michael Key (MadTV) and Richard Riehle (Office Space).

“Punchline” premieres on Monday, April 18 th on programming destination site, via’s exclusive series portal:

Annie Lukowski and Leyna Juliet Weber’s is a complete digital production company that creates, produces and distributes original comedic programming. Having successfully launched various short-form online originals, carries an impressive slate of content with far-reaching appeal, featuring Hollywood’s up-and-coming and name actors. Noted for their raw, provocative and edgy voice, and ability to deliver uncompromising production value, the all-female WorkingBug executive team is recognized for stories that draw a wide, varied audience.