Milla Jovovich’s Wardrobe Malfunction Creates a Red Carpet Nip Slip (Pics)

Milla Jovovich pooped out a nipple at the 80th Birthday Gala Concert at Royal Albert Hall in London for Mikhail Gorbachev. Mila was wearing a sheer black dress with a see through component when one of her nipples said “hey let me get a breath of air’. This is a nip slip in the truest fashion as these pictures show.

No one has reported if Mikhail Gorbachev got a peek at Mila’s goods. I do know if Ronald Reagan was there he would have said. “Mr. Gorbachev tear down that dress.” Isn’t it nice to know that even someone as worldly as Mikhail Gorbachev can be on his 80th year and say “that’s new haven’t seen those before.”

The nipple exposure isnt a big deal seeing according to Mr. Skin Milla Jovovich has shown off most of the goods on film. In No Good Deed she is totally nude …breasts, butt and bush! The flick .45 not only gives us more full frontal nudity but also some hot lesbian action. Lastly who could forget Resident Evil where we get Milla Jovovich naked once again.

Still there is something magical about a nipslip. There is a even more magic when it is a lip slip like Maria Menounos gave us with her bikini malfunction, yes we have the unedited pics of that here on TMR also. Let’s not get off track. Because today is all about Milla Jovovich and her peek-a-boo nips. So we have seen Milla Jovovich’s nipples, butt and bush…isn’t time for a sex tape? Come on Mila take one for the boys.