Easter Sunday for Men: This Is Your Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Morning what a beautiful holiday. Your kids are hopped up on sugar and you are trying your hardest to wrangle the little darlings into their Easter clothes. After that task is done you have a few hours to book at church and then off to the in-laws for dry ham. Even if you get a few minutes to yourself this morning PlayStation Network is still down so forget about that game of Call of Duty Black Ops.

The kicker is The Boston Celtics and New York Knicks are playing game 4 today. As the Knicks face elimination you will be in some park searching for plastic eggs. Ah the joys of parenthood.

We here at TMR didn’t know at first what we could do for you to make your Easter morning a bit better. then it hit us…Easter is about bunnies. Where do you find the best bunnies in the world? That would be in Playboy magazine. So we did a quick look around and found you the hottest and most famous bunnies and playmates of recent history.

So kick back and enjoy a little bit of Drew Barrymore, Dana Plato, Ann Nichole Smith, Marlyn Monroe, Denise Richards, Suzanne Somers, Joan Collins, Pamela Anderson and Marge Simpson this morning….you deserve it. Hell we may even get a tradition going here. I will talk to our Editor and see if we can serve up Pam Anderson’s sex tape for Father’s Day! In the least I would think some nude pictures would be in order.

So to all of you TMRZoo.com members Happy Easter.