Chrissy Lee Polis the Transgender Prostitute That Was Beaten in a Baltimore McDonalds Speaks Out (video)

The transgender prostitute that was a victim of a savage beating in a Baltimore McDonalds has finally spoken up. Christopher Lee Polis also known as Chrissy Lee Polis claims the fight started because the alleged attacker’s boyfriend hit on her. Ms. Polis claims one of the attacker’s boyfriends tried to talk to her as she was going to use the McDonalds bathroom. Upon leaving the bathroom Ms. Polis said one of the alleged attackers accused him…um…her of talking to “their men”.

In the video statement Christopher Lee Polis say’s the staff of McDonalds told him the bathrooms were for patron’s only. This comment from the McDonalds’ staff didn’t prevent Ms. Polis from using the Ladies Room.


One issue fast food restaurants have in urban areas is street people using their restrooms for nefarious purposes. Drug dealers, junkies and prostitutes not only leave the restaurants bathrooms in disarray – they often leave behind potentially hazardous substances. Chrissy states in the video that she is disturbed that her whole criminal past is on display for all because of this incident…”They put my whole government out there” Christopher Lee Polis does have a criminal record for prostitution among other things.

The McDonald’s employee named Vernon “Charm” Hackett that had “taken credit” for filming the beating has been fired. The attackers have been charged and it looks like Christopher Lee Polis …um excuse me… Chrissy Lee Polis is heading towards a fat payday. Here is a link to the original beating video.