Serena Williams Has A Nip Slip Swimsuit Malfunction At the Beach (PICS)

These images are already a couple days old, but since we like to provide our readers with one-stop shopping for all their celebrity nip slip and “wardrobe malfunction” images, here is the latest…

Our latest victim is professional tennis phenom, Serena Williams. Here we see Serena frolicking on a beach in Barbados. While boogie boarding, it appears that her left boob wanted to come out and play and enjoy the water in the flesh and not behind some clingy swimsuit.

In recent months the TMR Zoo has brought you the most important of celebrity “news” such as the Milla Jovovich red carpet nip slip, the leaked Christina Aguilera racy dressing room photos and the infamous Maria Menounos lip slip bikini malfunction. To see what else we have here, simply click through the “Babes” links in the main navigation bar above.

Here are the two shots we found of the Serena Williams nip slip. Click either image below to see the full-size, high quality and UNCENSORED version:


Ok, maybe Serena isn’t your cup of tea, or maybe you just won’t admit she is your cup of tea, but as mentioned above, we’re committed to bring you as many celebrity nipples as we can and damnit we’re going to do it.